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TOY TALK from 玩具博士 上 the Importance of Smart Play 和Smart Toys

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孩子们喜欢玩具。从色彩斑mobile的移动式头顶吸引婴儿’注意您的小建筑师建造的乐高积木塔,精心设计的玩具会刺激您的孩子’s mind.

Young 上 es absorb messages from toys through all stages of their growth. The kinds of toys selected 和how your youngster plays with them will influence how well she meets her learning potential. Choosing the right toys for her play is not easy. It can be a real challenge to find the right product, at the right time, for the right price.


We’所有人都听说过IQ(智能商)。这是您孩子的经典预测指标’的心理能力。我相信你的孩子’s PQ, his Play Quotient, is an equally vital factor that affects how well your young 上 e will attain the best of his physical, creative, 和intellectual potentials.

玩是你的孩子’s work. Through play, children practice the basic skills needed for learning—and in life. Guided play in the right environment will help your child gain the tools she needs to sharpen her thinking 和heighten her sensitivity. To assist your child in succeeding with skill-building, we will look at the different ways your child uses toys, 和you’ll become informed about finding the right toys 和skilled at helping your child expand his or her PQ.

These early years are intensely formative: a period when children gain knowledge about themselves 和about their environment, develop basic motor skills, discover many of their abilities, 和gain the self-image 和security that lasts a lifetime.

Like little sponges, children begin observing 和absorbing from infancy. They learn 通过 using all of their senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, 和touch. Through observation, mimicry, 和experimentation, children learn about the world around them 和begin to gain mastery of essential skills.

当父母与婴儿相处时(对她微笑,发出愚蠢的不同声音,使婴儿发笑),父母成为婴儿’s first “Big Toy.”父亲很快会与婴儿保持密切联系,他们的玩耍方式各异。婴儿快速学会对不同的人做出反应’ sounds 和touches. Through such interchanges, the infant becomes aware of individual people. Also, she becomes sensitive to the environment around her.

The secondary motor stage of child development occurs during the first five years. It is the time when the most rapid physical, emotional, 和mental growth takes place. And at each stage of this development, a child needs different kinds of stimulation, enhanced 通过 different kinds of toys 和play strategies.



Play is a natural phenomenon. Before you examine the toys to be used 通过 your young 上 e, it helps if you understand the principles of play. Of particular importance is understanding that play enriches both sides of the brain—right 和left hemispheres. Thus, the underlying principle of play, smart play, is that the child will gather essential experiences necessary for her fullest mental development.

你必须了解你的孩子’s need to explore, to meet 和play with other children. It is best not to interfere with your little 上 e’的活动。而是当你的孩子’s Play Tutor—observe, enhance, 和augment her experiences.


In play, children gain mastery over themselves 和learn their own power in relationships with others. They grasp social values such as biases 和responsibilities. They communicate better. They absorb concepts such as making judgments. Each child expresses a unique style of play. The ways he plays when he is young reflects how he will deal with others during later life.

Allow your child to select his own form of play, as his choices are important for his individual growth. Rigid rules can be a damper to natural self-expression. As parent 和Play Tutor, honor your offspring’的早期学习领域。提供适当的技能训练玩具。


Adults sometimes forget the importance of play. Through their play, children tell us what they are thinking 和how they are feeling. If there are problems, their play will reveal them. Play therapy is an important way to treat children who are having difficulty with traumas, emotional issues, or other problems. You can better understand your child if you listen 和watch her at play.

Childhood is full of magical moments: receiving that first dress-up doll, setting up the tracks of that first train (or watching Dad take over!), learning to play jacks 和ball, jumping rope, doing tricks with your yo-yo, sailing a wooden boat 上 a pond, having an afternoon tea party with dolls 和little teacups, 和cooking over your little toy stove.

让人回想起来,这些是一些生动的图画,当成年人在婴儿床里看着自己的婴儿时,它们便奔涌而去。他们的新生婴儿用脚趾或手指玩耍,或试图捕捉透过窗户的光线,引发了父母的场面’ own childhood.

您将提供什么玩具来为您的宝贝创造迷人的时刻’s future joy?

Certainly the basic function of any toy is to give pleasure to a child. Whether high-tech or old-fashioned, toys open exciting doors to fresh awareness. So, before evaluating or thinking about toys for your young 上 e, try to think back to your own times with toys. It will strengthen the empathy you have— 和need—for your child.



These days, going into any toy store or searching 上 line or through a toy catalog can be over whelming. There are toys 和playthings with many choices in every category! There are so many varieties today that any single store or 上 line store has great difficulty stocking all of them. The toy buyer has to discriminate 和make careful selections. So do you.

您可以通过访问我们的网站开始搜索(。玩具博士’s Guide is our 上 line magazine, which offers 文章s about most kinds of toys 和provides descriptions of hundreds of our selected best, award-winning products. A customer-service number is provided for each item so that you can find a store near you to help locate it.

您也可以参考我的书《玩具博士》’s Smart Play/Smart Toys for more in-depth guidance 上 play through age 12 和for children with special needs. You may order a copy from,您当地的玩具店或


作为玩具博士,我全年都会认真评估众多项目,以缩小年度选择范围“100 Best Children’s Products”奖和春季“Best Vacation”产品。我也检讨“Classic Toys”and “卓越的智能游戏产品。”结果可在我们的网站上找到,Dr。Toy ’s Guide. The guide includes features about after-school 和vacation items, classic toys, 和many other kinds of toys 和play products. This service is free. As a resource I have included some excellent examples of this year’s winners.


我建议您在购买玩具时,每年至少带孩子一次,但要避免在节前疯狂。郊游。让他告诉你他喜欢的东西。您将听到有关他的物品的消息’在电视上看到或与朋友交谈。让他创造一个“wish list.”让他参与选择过程。





Games provide many benefits to your child. They help children learn new information, strategy, 和problem solving. Plus, they are fun to play. This is a great way for the whole family to have enjoyable times together. Select from among a number of great new games now available.


玩具博士 ’s选择好玩具的清单

好的玩具具有许多特性。考虑玩具是否有很多“star qualities”:

  • 玩具应该适合您的家庭’s values, aesthetics, 和budget.
  • 好的玩具适合您的孩子’s interests 和age, 和also provide magic—plus surprise 和learning.
  • Good toys support all elements of play. They provide durability 和simplicity in style.



  • 玩具有一致性吗?
  • 它会根据孩子的反应做出反应吗?
  • 最终会给孩子带来成就感吗?
  • 它提供创造力吗?
  • 它有助于孩子扩大想象力吗?
  • Does the toy encourage your child to experiment 和explore without limit?


产品必须提升孩子’的游戏体验,当然也要开心!–对所有孩子来说,必不可少的切实但难以捉摸的素质’s products.


玩具博士 ’s Suggested Smart Toys for Learning 和Fun

Here are some excellent examples of learning 和play products from this year’s winners:

Age 4 和up • $7.95
这些拼图难题是九个4″ x 4″ pieces that are easy to play but hard to solve. Learn about endangered, highly social warm water sea mammals; plus, the colorful puzzles teach patience, perseverance, critical thinking skills, 和statistical possibilities 和will keep everyone in the family entertained. More than 100 styles of artwork available.
Age 3 和up • $19.99
Age 3 和up • $40.00
This new set is part of the Folkmanis Sierra Club wildlife line. The plush tree stands 17 inches tall 和comes to life with your youngster as six wildlife finger puppets make it their home. The finger puppets can be poked in 和out of a variety of holes throughout the branches 和around the tree’s base. Included are an owl, bear, blue jay, squirrel, hare, 和fox. Children delight with this interactive play set, a great product for helping expand communication skills while they learn more about nature 和conservation.
Age 8 和up • $19.95
超级大佬 Lil’ Copter
1-5岁•$ 9.99
超级大佬律’直升机套装增强儿童’s problem solving 和motor skills while they are having fun learning 和building. This brightly colored helicopter with real working propeller will enrich children’s imagination 和play experience while allowing them to become an imaginary pilot. This set includes 15 Maxi 超级大佬 pieces to build a heliport 和one articulated Block BuddiesT figurine.
Age 6 和up • $12.98
5-12岁•$ 89.99
这个手持视频游戏系统是一个独特的学习系统,可以帮助孩子掌握语言,数学,词汇和解决问题的能力,它将教给孩子在学校取得成功所需的技能。它在有趣的LCD屏幕上提供无线播放。通过包含三到四个学习区活动的可交换Smartridges,通过多课程活动帮助将游戏时间变成大脑时间。练习识别字母,并学习如何分辨时间。使用带有超大按钮的手持式操纵杆浏览每款游戏,这些按钮可适合左右手玩家使用。丰富多彩的设置和有趣的角色将使孩子娱乐数小时。 Smartridges具有不同的技能级别套餐,单独出售。该玩具具有袖珍大小,易于随身携带,带来旅途中的乐趣。
Train up a child in the way he should go 和when he is old, he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6