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在高中和在家中… It’s去上大学了!

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蕾妮·詹森(Renee Janzen)

Stop! Read 上 上 ly if (a) you currently, or someday will, have a homeschool high schooler; (b) you want your high schooler to have a 学院 education but have plaguing thoughts that you can’t guide your child through high school and into 学院; (c) you believe the maze of transcripts, applications, and assorted forms needed for high school and 学院 will require you to hire a professional “worker-of-paper”; (d) contemplating the staggering cost of a four-year 学院 induces within you strange physical symptoms such as loss of breath; or (e) any or all of the above.

如果这描述了您,请勇往直前。研究表明“Homeschoolers are academically, emotionally, and socially prepared to succeed in 学院” ( 阈值上的家庭学校教育:新千年黎明时的研究调查 (1999),第17页,Brian D. Ray,Ph.D,引用Irene M. Pure(1997)。 全国招生人员调查’与在家学习的申请人的知识,态度和经验。 雅典佐治亚大学博士学位)“several 学院s think so well of the home educated that they have been actively recruiting them for several years.”(Ray,1999年,第17页。)

那’s heartening, you say, but where is the path that will successfully lead my child from home to the campus gateway? Uncharted courses can appear daunting, but there is a roadway that will take you and your high schooler through choosing the best 学院, a marketable degree, and a fitting career path. So, put 上 your walking shoes and let’s go!



At age 3 my son Micah was intrigued with the drainage system in our neighborhood park. When he was older, I provided him with plenty of building toys and books about how things worked. Now, at age 18, he is pursuing a 学院 degree in engineering. You can help your young adult discern his life’通过观察他的才华,讨论他的兴趣并提供各种课程和课外机会来开展他的工作。

帮助您的年轻人选择职业道路的切实步骤是利用性格特征和职业咨询资源。一种这样的资源是 www.collegeboard.myroad.com . It provides high schoolers with individualized personality profiles, career options, and appropriate 学院 majors. Seek to provide your future collegiate with opportunities to interview, shadow, or apprentice in his field of interest. By tenth grade Micah had narrowed his career choices to engineering and dentistry. He interviewed several engineers and spent a day shadowing our family dentist, and he was able to choose the career that most intrigued him.

与您的孩子讨论选择职业的实际考虑。他每周需要工作几个小时?他能靠工资养家吗?将涉及多少旅行?那工作预测呢?是否有任何宗教或道德问题要考虑?选择职业的重要一步是寻求认识和爱护您孩子的其他人的建议。最重要的是寻求主’s direction through prayer. Once you and your high schooler have taken the first step of choosing a career or direction, you are ready to choose a 学院 major.


Explore more about 学院 majors through resources such as www.collegeboard.myroad.com , national magazines that evaluate 学院s, such as 美国新闻与世界报道 ( www.usnews.com )和 普林斯顿评论 ( www.princetonreview.com ), professional organizations, and 学院 advisors. Once you and your high schooler have narrowed your career choice and 学院 studies, you are ready to select the 学院 that will be the perfect fit for your child.

Begin the process of choosing a university when the student is in his final two years of high school. Consider these important questions: Would my child best thrive in a public or private 学院? Is a private or Christian school important to us? Would he flourish at larger university with many diverse opportunities, or would a small, personal 学院 be the place where he would best grow? Would my youth be more comfortable in a metropolis, suburban, or rural setting? What about the distance from home? My son and I agreed that he would not attend a 学院 farther than 上 e day’开车回家,即使这意味着他不会考虑一些非常吸引人的大学。

探索入学要求,然后不要’t forget the cost and available financial aid. After you have determined your parameters, select 6 to 8 schools that fit within those guidelines and request general 学院 information and specific departmental information from them. Spend time with your student browsing through materials with the goal of limiting your selection to the top 3 or 4 schools.

Colleges are academically ranked in three tiers. Unless your student rests soundly 上 上 e extreme of the academic continuum, he should consider selecting a tier I university, 上 e to three tier II schools, and 上 e tier III 学院. Next, visit as many of these universities as possible. Take a list of questions, be sure to visit the admissions and financial aid offices, take a campus tour, check out the housing options, and make an appointment with a faculty member. If campus visits are not possible, find 学院 fairs in your area where you and your potential collegiate can speak with a representative from the university.

Once you have completed the steps of choosing a career, deciding upon a major, and selecting a 学院, you and your student will have completed the first leg of your path from high school to 学院. You can now confidently select the best high school course of study.


Now that your student knows where he is headed, the next stretch of the course is to 地图 out a high school curriculum. High school transcripts must meet the mandates of (1) your state’s high school graduation requirements; (2) the admission requisites of prospective universities; (3) the recommendations of the 学院 or department major within the university; and most importantly, (4) your desires as a parent.

这四个实体的需求通常不同。我们的州不要求外语用于高中毕业。但是,我儿子申请的所有大学都需要在高中读两年的外语。同样,我们的州只要求数学和科学专业三年,而几所大学也有相同的规定,但是工程学院要求四年制高中数学和科学专业。虽然没有弥迦’未来的大学使圣经或世界观至关重要,这些学科对我作为父母来说很重要。可以通过您所在州的教育机构,您预期的大学的招生部门以及该部门或其他部门获得各种要求。“college” of your child’s prospective major.



College admissions application will require high school transcripts, scores from 学院 entrance exams, academic honors, community involvement, leadership experiences, letters of recommendation, work, and extracurricular experiences. Transcripts should include the course title, the number of credit hours based 上 your state’记录学时,数字和字母等级以及平均绩点(GPA)的系统。

大学应用程序的设计考虑了传统的高中教育和课外活动。如果申请中包含一长串的课外活动,但您的学生只能检查一两个,则不要’t be discouraged. Be creative. Remember, the 学院 admissions committee wants to know your child’的背景。建立自己的依恋关系并组织他的课外活动,使他处于最佳状态。


可以通过您作为家长教师,通过家庭学校合作社以及由导师来授予学术荣誉。可供家庭学生使用的国家学术荣誉组织包括Who’美国高中生中的谁( www.whoswho-highschool.com ),国家荣誉学会( www.nhs.us )和国家荣誉榜( www.nationalhonorroll.org ). Your student should begin requesting letters of recommendation when he begins high school. These outside recommendations lend credibility to homeschool students whose parents have served as teacher, principal, and guidance counselor. Consider seeking recommendations from other academic instructors, coaches, and teachers of extracurricular experiences, pastors, youth leaders, community leaders, and family friends. Ask for three or four signed originals and set up a filing system for your transcripts, entrance exam scores, extracurricular involvements, honors, letters of recommendation, and information about each 学院.


Financing higher education is the home stretch of your journey from high school to 学院. Knowing the course in this area can help you finish strong and save dollars. One of the most common ways to cut costs is to attend a local community 学院. Some community 学院s offer concurrent enrollment programs whereby students can receive both high school and 学院 credit for the same course. As much as two years of undergraduate work can be completed at a community 学院, saving money 上 tuition, room, and board.

If you choose this route, beware of a few potential pitfalls. First, not all credits earned through a community 学院 will transfer to your chosen four-year university. Second, too many credit hours earned though a community 学院 may disqualify your pupil from scholarships, grants, and other money offered 上 ly to incoming freshmen. Ignorance of these potential snares may ultimately cost you more than you save.

You can 通过pass thousands of 学院 dollars 通过 taking the right tests in high school. The PSAT(初步学术能力测验) is used as a 学院 scholarship indicator as well as a qualifier for the National Merit Scholarship Program. The PSAT is taken in the fall of the student’s junior year. A National Merit Scholar may receive a tuition waiver from his prospective 学院. Many universities offer handsome scholarships to those who score high enough to be named a commendable scholar, semi-finalist, or finalist.

即使你的高中生’s score does not qualify him for these awards, it can be used to identify weak areas before taking the SAT. Most 学院s require scores from the ACT or SAT as part of the admission process. However, sufficiently high scores 上 these tests can also qualify your student for merit-based scholarships. The best time to take the ACT or SAT is the end of the high school junior year, although taking prior practice tests at home is recommended. Scores from tests taken in the fall of the senior year will still be received in time for 学院 admission applications.

Two other tests can help you save money 通过 testing out of 学院 classes while still in high school. If your high schooler takes the Advanced Placement (AP) exams and scores high enough, he can apply these course credits toward freshman year at 学院. Approximately 23 subject exams are offered, costing $70 to $80 each and scored 上 a 1-5 scale. The CLEP (College Level Examination Program) may also give advanced standing or 学院 credit. These exams cost $50 each and cover various subjects. Scores range from 20 to 80, and many 学院s require students to score a 50 to 60 for advanced standing.

通过了解AP和CLEP考试的不同之处,可以节省时间和金钱。最大的差异在于内容。 CLEP专为对主题有适当了解的任何学生而设计。 AP考试是根据AP课程大纲进行的,如果不首先参加AP课程,要达到理想的成绩可能会很困难。可以通过将AP大纲与高中课程一起使用或从本地书店获取AP主题准备书来克服这一问题。第二个区别是,尽管两个考试都有多项选择题,但大多数AP考试也包括作文题。许多大学会通过AP授予高级学分,但通过CLEP授予的则很少。最后,AP考试仅在5月才提供,并且只能通过当地的高中进行。 CLEP考试在2,900多个大学校园中提供,并且可以随时参加。我儿子在大四时参加了三门AP考试,仅一次就达到了理想的成绩。尽管我们在三项AP测试上花费了240美元,但通过一项测试,他节省了5000美元的大学学费。通过AP和CLEP测试,可以测试整个一年的课程。

Financial assistance in the form of merit scholarships, need-based scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans can be obtained through federal, state, and local programs, as well as from your prospective 学院. The U.S. Department of Education will award approximately 70 billion dollars in federal aid this year to help families afford the towering cost of higher education. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in receiving federal financial aid. The initial FAFSA is submitted after January 1 and before June 30 during your student’高中三年级。联邦佩尔补助金和联邦补充教育机会补助金(FSEOG)都是根据FAFSA提供的信息计算得出的。

Pell Grants are designed for undergraduate students who have not yet received a 学院 degree. If you have an extreme need, you may also be eligible for a FSEOG. Neither grant needs to be repaid. The FAFSA determines your eligibility for other need-based financial aid programs.

Federal work-study is a campus-based program that provides 上 -campus jobs for students with demonstrated financial need. Typically the wage is minimum. A Stafford Loan is a loan to the student, while PLUS Loans are loans to the parents of dependent 学院 children. Federal Perkins Loans are campus-based, low-interest loans available to undergraduate and graduate students. Not 上 ly is the FAFSA a requirement for all federal aid, but it is also mandatory for most state and 学院 aid, and state deadlines for submitting FAFSA may be earlier than the federal deadline.

Individual states can provide great benefits. Every state offers money for 学院 through various state-sponsored scholarship programs, grants, and prepaid tuition plans. In our home state of Oklahoma, for instance, the State Regents for 高等教育offers merit scholarships from $1,000 per year up to a full four-year 学院 ride. Find the information relevant to your state 通过 contacting the state higher education office.

Nearly every 学院 has its own scholarship and grant programs. Some awards are determined 通过 the FAFSA; others require separate application. Ask your prospective 学院 for a financial aid brochure. After the freshman year, numerous departmental scholarships are also available for the asking.

唐’不要忽略本地提供的较小奖项。“Smaller” can mean any amount between $100 and $10,000. To locate these scholarships, contact your local government representative, your public library, or search the Internet. You may not think to turn to organizations for help with 学院 costs, even though they are some of the best sources. These magnanimous organizations include service groups such as the Elks Club and Boy Scouts of America. They also include foundations formed 通过 corporations or individuals that give away roughly 7,000 scholarships annually worth $45 million. Professional organizations, trade unions, and military service organizations also fall under this category. 唐’别忘了询问您的教会,雇主或贸易组织提供的奖学金。

Other places you may not think to look are military 学院s and ROTC. All three branches of the Armed Services operate their own degree-granting academies where a student can receive a “free” academically superior 学院 education in exchange for the opportunity to serve his country after graduation.

Athletic scholarships are another possibility. However, you and your child might want to consider the negative aspects of this avenue before he invests the colossal amount of time required to win an athletic scholarship. First, consider the possibility of physical injury that can take your student out of the running for an athletic scholarship. Second, remember your athlete is being compared to the best in the country. Be realistic about his chances of winning a full athletic scholarship. Finally, assuming your sportsman lands that full scholarship, consider the time commitment required for playing 学院 sports. Remember, the purpose of an athletic scholarship is to get a 自由 education–a purpose that will be defeated if he fails in 学院.

女士们先生们,我们’ve now come to the end of our guided tour from career choice to major to 学院, from applications to activities to aid. I hope you’我很喜欢您的漫步,它帮助您为与家庭学校高中生的真正长廊做好了准备。一路平安!


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